Oru Oorla Rendu Raja Movie Review

Oru Oorla Rendu Raja

Plot: When a doctor gets into trouble with o owner of factory, two who-cares-what happen guys discovers their purpose in life.

Director R. Kannan who rose to fame with movies like Jayam Kondan and Settai has now come up with another film titled Oru Oorla Rendu Raja featuring Vemal, Priya Anand and Soori in the lead roles. Here we bring you the ‘what works’ and ‘what does not work’ factors!

The story revolves around two main characters – Azhagu (Vemal) and Michael (Soori). They lead a very carefree and purposeless life. However, when they come across the beautiful Priya (Priya Anand) in a rail journey, Azhagu falls in love with her. Soon enough, their life sees an unexpected and massive twist leading them to an unanticipated situation.

Priya Anand interests the audience with her glamour factor in the song sequences and also, she plays the role of a professional doctor quite convincingly. On the other hand, improve has improve his appearance a lot while compared to his other movies and his role was very well appreciated. While Vishaka Singh does justification to her role, Nasser’s characterisation is quite a highlight. Well, kudos to director Kannan for he just perplexes the audience with a great message in the film. However, all the good things are not noticed so well due to the poor writing of the script. Humour quotients do add spice to the film, but a couple of unwanted humour sequences are quite meaningless and the songs get nowhere near the script. In the second hour, the film gets more sluggish and to makeup that adds more commercial elements, the director makes the heroine to reciprocate the love of hero back for no reason.

Well the film has a good concept and it conveys a good message. While Vemal’s looks are appreciable, Soori keeps the audience engaged with his humour quotients. D. Imman’s music is good Thambi Ramiah does a fair job. Cinematographer P.G Muthaiah deserves a special mention for his great works.

Capping at all, Oru Oorla Rendu Raja has some great message but the poor narration spoils the show.

Verdict: Fails to impress

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