Pichaikkaran Movie Review


More and more emotional drama that comes well blended with immense commercial ingredients that is completely balanced with impeccable performance… Dialogues are the most intriguing factors that keeps winning the applause and there is compelling ingredients that overall attracts the family audiences towards the movie. One of the most promising features that you would see in Vijay Antony movies is that he manages to gain our sympathy with more eminence. Be his maiden debut ‘Naan’ or ‘Salim’ or his hilarious entertainer ‘India Pakistan’, they’re completely made in such features.

Vijay Antony plays the role of a billionaire son and only heir to his widowed mother, who is the proprietor of 900Crore spinning mills and business. She hands over the business to him and on an unexpected turn is hit by an accident while the machines are spinning. Desolated into the state of coma, doctors give up on her in spite of heavy treatment.

During this juncture, he comes across a God man who insists him to take up a penance for next 48 days and will his mother come back to normalcy or everything succumbs to fate is something you need to watch over the screens.

Vijay Antony has been impeccably colossal in his performance and as cited above his emotional sequences are brilliantly delivered. He is best on his performance when it comes to action, comedy and sentimental scenes. Satna Titus is so much naturalistically portrayed in looks and her characterization is very well projecting as well. On the other hand, rest of the characterizations has done a remarkable job with the performance.

The running length of 130 minutes is very well narrated and is done with impactful screenplay, where there are no sluggish elements. The first half passes on like a flash and second one that studded with lots of emotions doesn’t slow down in pace. The dialogues as mentioned earlier have become the major strength to this film, where the applause keeps happening. The one involving the beggar speaking over FM station through phone to curb down poverty and Vijay Antony’s emotional punches about faith and beliefs are stunning. The last 20 minutes of the film becomes the major highlights in this film, where you keep yourselves moved to the edge of seats with lots of tension. We had witnessed a similar instance in movies like Superstar Rajnikanth’s Arunachalam and Prabhu Deva’s Alli Thandha Vaanam.

Overall, Pichaikkaran is a movie that is sure to become a great scorer in all centres as it holds a substantial package of entertainment with decency catering to the tastes of universal audiences.

Verdict: Emotional stunner with perfect package

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