Pugazh Movie Review


Movie : Pugazh
Directed by : Manimaran
Produced by : Varun Manian, Sushant Prasad, Govindaraj
Written by : Manimaran
Starring : Jai, Surabhi
Music by : Vivek-Mervin
Cinematography : Velraj
Edited by : G. B. Venkatesh
Production company : Film Department
Distributed by : Ayngaran International
Release dates : 18 March 2016
Country : India
Language : Tamil

When filmmaker Manimaran made his debut directorial with ‘Udhayam NH 4’, we felt that the young filmmaker is here to offer something more special engaging for the audiences in terms of engagement through his narration, though the plot might be hackneyed. But what we get in his second outing ‘Pugazh’ is something more disappointing as there isn’t any such highlighting trait. In fact, his maiden debut had National award winner Vetrimaaran teaming up for screenplay, but here, his avatar as screenwriter has terribly failed.

The film revolves around a small town guy (Jai), who has been considered as the favourite of his neighbourhood. He and his friends spend most of their times together at the local playground, which they consider it to be the heart and soul in their lives for many sportsmen were created here. But sooner, the playground is almost occupied by an industrial corporate, where the local politician (Maarimuthu) tries to get the deal done. The film is about the confrontations that happen between the protagonist and this politician.

Although, the basic premise of this film is stereotypical and something that we have already seen in many movies, the screenplay could have been the better option, which would have scored brownie points. Regrettably, Manimaaran fails to present the film with such traits and the complete duration of 132 minutes turns out to be a much disappointing show. Jai has been consequently picking up some unique scripts, which has the potential to click, but somewhere fails up. Surabhi looks little flimsy in this film and her role is somewhat justifying in accordance to her decorous performance. Maarimuthu manages to score the best through his performance. RJ Balaji is little disappointing as we don’t get to see his full fledged comedy tracks.

On the technical aspects, the film lacks exceptional traits except the background score good in places.


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