Purampokku Movie Review


The official trailer of ‘Purampokku’ Starring Arya, Vijay Sethupathi, Shaam and Karthika Nair in lead.

Movie – Purampokku
Starring – Arya, Vijay Sethupathi, Shaam, Karthika Nair
Music – Varshan
Director – S.P. Jhananathan
Editing – N.Ganeshkumar
Cinematography – N.K.Ekambaram
Producer – Siddharth Roy Kapur
Banner – UTV Motion Pictures, Binary Pictures
Music Label – Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.

Review :

A drama that turns our hearts fragile throws the lumps in throats and let u turn speechless during the final moments. SP Jhananathan brings forth an amalgamated essence of these emotional aspects in his latest outing ‘Purampokku Engira Podhuvudamai’. Produced by SP Jhananathan under his home banner in collaboration with UTV Motion Pictures, the film stars top-charting actors like Arya, Shaam, Vijay Sethupathi and Karthika Nair in lead roles….

Incorrigible international criminal is the word and 3 time death sentence is the penalty for Balu (Arya) for committing attack attempts on Indian army. The Supreme Court passes the judgment of hanging him at Chennai Central Prison and Maucalam (Shaam), a daring IPS officer has been assigned to handle this and a proficient hangman named Yamalingam (Vijay Sethupathi) is the one hired for execution.

An incredible spell from almost everyone in the team. It’s so simple to analyse and credit the equal dose of praises to this entire crew. To start off with, Vijay Sethupathi is the magnanimous showstopper with an irresistible energy to prove that he has touched the next step of his ladder towards success. This could be the best of his performance graph till the date although he has back-to-back four blockbusters to credit up. Couple of scenes that empowers his prowess performance leaves us completely astonished. The scene, where he remains depressed in desolation over his past experiences of hanging the criminal and the climax act is unbeatably extraordinary. Arya gets a meaty lead role to perform after a very long time and Shaam is brilliantly tremendous.

Arya is simple great and stands out best on his part. He remains completely silent in many sequences and his interaction with Shaam during the final episode is mind blowing.

Background score by Srikanth Deva emblazons the film with more magnitude, particularly during the second half…. The orchestral instruments mix up the emotions leaving a huge impact in our hearts. Cinematography by Ekambaram is masterful of visuals and art director is sure to win the National awards.

Regardless of some negative points that include portions of Karthika and her crew to hatch up escape plans for Arya, they are little disappointing. Certain sequences could have been trimmed and couple of songs or even three deleted would have made it more engaging.

Overall, ‘Purampokku’ is a masterpiece one could give the verdicts and SP Jhananathan deserves tons of appreciations for showcasing something that Indian cinema hadn’t tried to evolve upon. It’s not just about a jail drama or thriller, but moves deep into the planes of delineating the each and every element of reality in prison life.


Verdict: Mind-blowing, Excellently carved with reality factors

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