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Conmen were once the favourite of Hollywood channels and instantly, the Tamil showbiz has turned more fanatics towards them. Over the years, we have been coming across the good will Robin Hood and last year release ‘Sathuranga Vettai’ claimed to be a decorous hit. From the new bunch of team, ‘Rajathanthiram’ throws an ultimate heist thriller that comes as a package of some promising performance, unexpected twists and few more surprises.

The film traverses through the likely minded unconventional personalities – Veera, Siva and Ajay. They are looters of town who make headlines for their unique style of heist, but they never attempt for anything bigger, but their life takes a turn in ‘Italian Job’ twist style, when they come across many characters including a young beautiful girl (Regina) proposing MLM business and these trio land up for a striking deal with Pattiyal Sekar.

As mentioned earlier, the film boasts of a new-yet-fabulous star-cast that comes offering the best of their potentials. Not to miss the generously compelling performance of the lead actors – Veera and Arjun who bring forth everything on its toast of emotions and humour at an ease. Decades back, we could sense the similar flight of excitements on watching JD Chakravarthy performing those best works. Veera remaining sangfroid in many situations without any complex gestures makes it more brilliant. Regina Cassandra deserves her quotient of best appreciations for a remarkable job. She might be straining herself a lot, but has a neat attitude and her dialogue deliveries keeps us enchanted over her. Siva brings up an iconic performance now and then as possible. Ilavarasu takes sleepwalk through his role and as usual gives into the crème de la crème one. But who overshadows everyone among the promising star-cast is none other than producer Pattiyal Sekhar, who astonishes us completely throughout the film, Embracing the best dialogue deliveries and body languages, he is the showstopper here.

When you are introduced to the genre of ‘Conmen’ and ‘Heist thrillers’, no way you’re easily shown the way to some references, especially the new generation of movies like ‘Soodhu Kavvum’ and ‘Sathuranga Vettai’. Some of the sequences in the film easily lets us reminiscence of such illustrations, but apparently the nitty-gritty element of engrossing screenplay evokes the engagement. The efficient method of revealing the suspense elements turn to be the most surprising element here. Of course, you make some predictions tickling your cognizant department, but as some of the best quotes say, a filmmaker is supposed to make the audiences win with their guesses and somewhere shock them with surprises. In all likelihood, filmmaker has ritually followed these ethics.

Sandeep Chowta has been a highly celebrated music director far-famed more for his signature theme music and background score, especially in Bollywood and this one adds an extra feather to his kitty. Cinematography by Kathir has always been a beautiful icing of cake and the sleek visuals grips up the thrill elements voraciously.

Director Amid has seemingly worked a lot in both narrative and technical aspects to make it a full-fledged entertaining movie. To look up for something on the flip side, there aren’t anything much, but the only point is the delayed release and with accordance to the couple of references we made earlier, this one seems slightly to be a so-called runner up concept to the other two ones that have already proved the best in BO.

Overall, ‘Rajathanthiram’ has been very well presented with some surprises in the screenplay, decorous performance of artists and appreciable technical ones.

Verdict: A heist thriller that will keep you in surprise till end.

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