Sakalakala Vallavan Appatakkar Movie Review

Sakalakala Vallavan Appatakkar

Let’s hit it straight – Are you so much thirsty for a Pakka commercial entertainer that has mindless entertainers with glamorous, steamy scenes, double entendres, action, sentiments et al, Suraj’s directorial Sagalakalavallavan Appatakkar becomes your favourite one. Don’t look up for too my logical quotients and if you’re strongly looking up to quench your thirst with the above mentioned quotients, we have nothing to comment.

Set in the backdrops of a village, Jayam Ravi is seen as a guy with nothing to worry about. He is deeply in love with a beautiful girl (Anjali), who happens to be the cousin of Soori. Ravi comes to Chennai for attending the marriage of his cousin girl (Trisha). When her fiancé gets arrested by the cops during the time of wedding, to save the family reputation, Ravi marries Trisha, who is completely in contrast to his nature. Soon after the marriage, Trisha starts torturing Ravi for divorce due to difference of lifestyle and opinions. At this juncture, there comes a surprising character Vivek in different avatars.

As we have briefed at the earliest, the film is strictly for the suburban and rural audiences, who have been completely waiting for something that would be make them gratified. There are some oomph factors from Anjali and Trisha that satisfies them with immense effects. Jayam Ravi had taken a long break due to his involvement in some challenging projects, but he made his way comeback in a decent mode through Romeo Juliet. But this one is slightly letting down our hopes. An actor who is well known to perform unconventional roles confining to commercial ground is just okay, but not appreciable. He does his best to cater the commercial tastes’. Soori tries to tickle our funny bones, but most of the times lands us up with mediocre scenario. The arrival of Vivek creates an anticipation of something more engaging, but definitely it lets us down with his double meaning stuffs.

The first half has some lively moments, though average with the scenes involving Soori and Jayam Ravi creating some humour zone. But sooner in the second half, everything turns stereotypical of what we have been seeing in Tamil cinema for the past many decades.

Doesn’t it look like the Sivaji Ganesan in Pattikaatta Pattanama song flick and Kamal Haasan’s Sagalakalavallavan. Maybe, this is the reason why the makers had titled it at the last minute to avoid confusions. But this one is far away from Kamal Haasan’s yesteryear commercial entertainer.

Thaman could better try to revive his style in Tamil cinema for most of the songs are replication of his very own compositions in the Telugu albums. Nothing much to be impressed with cinematography.

On the whole, Sagalakalavallavan Appatakkar is a tailor made film for the commercial bunch of film lovers. It’s not that we are criticising the film, but Suraj who has crafted some enjoyable commercial entertainers in the past could have brought forth some engaging moments with fresh scenes and narrative.

Verdict: Yet another commercial pot boiler

Rating: 2.25/5




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