Sankarabharanam Movie Review


Music has no language. And for the ones who couldn’t lay their earnest trust of belief in this saying had it all witnessed before years through the everlasting musical realms through ‘Sankarabharanam’. A film that crossed beyond the boundaries enchanting us all and now with the digitally restored version dubbed in Tamil, it’s a gracious opportunity for the ones of this generation to have a different experience with it.

Certain films are not to be critically analyzed, but taken up as a case study and Sankarabharanam, directed by K. Vishwanath belong to the latter one.

The film speaks about a pure relationship of teacher-student in the world of music. J.V. Somayajulu plays an orthodox Carnatic singer who has made the cities and villages to fall for his musical spell. He comes across a young lady(Manju Bhargavi) who is supposedly to be trapped into the world of women on street. Apparently, as they come across each other, the magic of music happens, but not sooner do the fate plays its havoc with the emergence of western music. What happens next is a drama of touching emotions and a climax that creates lump in our throats.

Putting down our review in words for Sankarabharanam would turn to be an amateur task. It is an experience of wonderful delight. The dialogues (thanks to the writer for Tamil version) for delivering the exact emotional punches that were present in the original version. There are so many dialogues in the film, which speaks about the traditional ties that have been separating the people based on caste, the infuriating lines against the fake teachers of music are mind blowing ones.

The second half might take away with a diversion from the central theme of this film, where it focuses on the daughter of Somayajulu and her falling in love is entertaining indeed.

There is no need to speak a word about ‘Musical’ aspects of this flick and it’s a blessing to the souls that keep us enthralled through the course. SP Balasubramaniam won the best National award for his voice and the album is packed with splendid ones.

Final Word! Don’t miss Sankarabharanam and if you belong to the previous generation of 70s make sure your children and grandchildren watch it without fail, for they would boast of being a part of India film fraternity when addressing the world level film leagues.

Verdict: Leaves us marvelled throughout the musical downpour of bliss and emotions.

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