Savaale Samaali Movie Review

Savaale Samaali

Director Sathya Siva picked the title of a Rajini film for his maiden venture (‘Kazhugu‘). This time (‘Savale Samali’), he has settled for a Sivaji movie title and has tried to present a comedy flick. Though the intensions and the premise are fine, hardly we get our funny bones tickled while watching ‘Savale Samali’. In fact, this seems to be the ‘savaal’ which we have to ‘samali-fy’.

One good thing about ‘Savale Samali’ is the presence of Bindu Madhavi (who, intentionally or interestingly, the heroine of ‘Kazhugu’ as well). Ashok Selvan, despite his best efforts, fails to be funny. The story revolves around Ashok Selvan, who works in a small time television channel (owned by Karunaas). As their channel fares poor in TRP ratings, they come up with an idea to set things right.

Their plans backfire and they are thrown up challenges after challenges (you have to recall the title here). How they overcome all hurdles and achieve their mission is the crux.After a stunning performance in ‘Thegidi‘, Ashok Selvan fails to impress in ‘Savale Samali’. Bindu Madhavi has little scope to perform, but does her best in whatever space is available.

Jagan‘s one-liners fail to enthuse, while Karunas and others are okay. Technically, the film did not have much to offer, but cinematography is cool and casual.

Making audience laugh is not an easy thing. This gets proved once again in ‘Savale Samali’. But still, the film is far from being unwatchable, and the director should be lauded for that.

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