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To start off with, Mahesh Babu’s Selvandhan, originally titled as ‘Srimanthudu’ in Telugu happens to be an out and out commercial entertainer laced with a prototyped formulae of what we have been witnessing in Tollywood over the years. Filmmaker Koratala Siva has interwoven the screenplay with intriguing elements like action, thriller, romance and emotions with a social issue in the backdrop. But what makes the film engaged is something we have to find out in the analysis.

Mahesh Babu happens to be the one and only son of Jagapathi Babu, who happens to be one of the most richest tycoons in the country. Unlike his family, Mahesh Babu loves simplicity and doesn’t want to take up his father’s business but choose something different in his life. On an occasion, he comes across a beautiful good looking girl (Shruthi Haasan) and falls in love with her. Eventually, she starts reciprocating and later is devastated by the truth of his real identity. Sooner, Mahesh Babu sets out to her village that is suffering from severe crisis of roughnecks dominating the land looting away every resource and torturing innocent people there. This will change the entire situation with a past that indirectly links his father Jagapathi Babu as well.

Getting on with the analysis, the film gets a complete treatment of commercial package. We have seen it performed by many heroes in the past and the screenplay is nowhere different. But the screen presence of Mahesh Babu, his enchanting mannerisms and appearance is what makes it unparalleled. The scene where he proposes Shruthi Haasan and his reaction towards her outburst of rejecting him is perfect. Not to miss the action sequence in the party and all credit goes to his style and Anal Arasu’s stylish choreography. Even the toughest punch dialogues are very well delivered by him. Shruthi Haasan unlike many other movies doesn’t appear only for the sake of skin shows, but has a substantial character. Jagapathi Babu after a long time gets a meaty role. Rajendra Prasad is excellent. Sitara, Sukanya, Rahul and many others in the cast have done what is required for the script.

DSP – Devi Sri Prasad has composed the tunes that look appropriate for Mahesh Babu. The songs are very well responded in the theatres and background score could have been better though. The greatest value for this film is cinematography by Mathie.


If you’re looking up for the flip side, there are slight minuses that are the slow paced narration in the second half. Although the entire film is predictable in parts, the first half moves with lively moments, but post-intermission sequences could have been done in a better way.


Overall, Selvandhan aka Srimanthudu occurs to be a full-fledged commercial entertainer that can be enjoyed by all the family audiences.


Verdict: 100% Paisa Vasool Movie

Rating: 2.75/5

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