Strawberry Movie Review


From Pa Vijay, he has now graduated into Ppppaaa Vijay, so to speak, as the lyricist, who ventured into actor with ‘Gnabagangal‘ and ‘Ilaignan‘, successfully establishes himself as director in ‘Strawberry’.

At a time when many of our filmmakers are making fun of spirits with eerie comedies, Vijay has made a serious, rather touching, attempt in this genre. And he also conveys an apt message which is need of the hour.

The basic knot of the story is an infamous incident which shocked us a few years ago– when a school going child lost her life due to lack of adequate safety measures in the bus.

Vijay has added elements which are needed to make a movie and presented us as ‘Strawberry’. But he has not diluted the basic idea and sticks to it, at least in most parts.

A taxi driver (Vijay) experiences paranormal activities, as a spirit wants to establish contact with him. It belongs to a child, who died in an accident due to the negligence of authorities.

Even as the child’s parents (Samuthirakani and Devayani) are in inconsolable grief, the spirit wants to take revenge on those responsbile between her untimely death. How it happens?

The child Yuvina Parthavi delivers a solid performance, as her character forms the backbone of the movie. Samuthirakani and Devayani, veterans they are, prove why are they called so.

While Pa Vijay emerges successful as writer, director and producer, he still needs to improve his acting skills. So is heroine Avani Modi, who could focus on bringing out more emotions.

Robo Shankar, Thambi Ramaiah and Imman Annachi are there to tickle the funy bone, while Joe Malluri has done his part well.

Taj Noor’s background score adds to the mood of the movie, and his songs are okay. Cinematographer Maara Varman comes up in flying colours with unusual angles for an eerie plot.

‘Strawberry’ delivers the intended message, but things could have been made more interesting, as certain scenes lack the much needed fizz. Having said that, there is no denial that ‘Stawberry’ has its moments, it is a decent eerie thriller.

Verdict: Decent thriller with its own plus and minus points

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