Thaara Thappattai Music Review

Thaara Thappattai

Emotional enhancements have been the heart and soul of Maestro Ilayaraja and his songs irrespective of what the genre is instantly gets our attention. It’s an oceanic mammoth journey for Ilayaraja as he completes his 1000th album with Bala’s Thaara Thappattai and we bring you the exclusive music review of this album featuring an ensemble bunch of star-cast with Sasikumar and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar in lead roles.

The album starts off with a passable tune titled ‘Hero Introduction’, where there isn’t much to ennoble up with. But somehow it could have the charming esthetical aspects exhibited through the visuals and choreography that could add up the enthrallments.

Vathana Vathana Vadivelan
Singers: Kavitha Gopi, Priyadarshini

Here comes the first cherry pick of this album that has a beautiful rendition by the singers Kavitha Gopi and Priyadarshini. The essence of aesthetics has been very well delineated and not to miss the interludes that is so much spellbinding in all aspects.

Singers: Sathya Prakash, Surmukhi

One of the most elite honeyed verses from Thiru Vaasagam has been beautifully translated with vivacious vocals by Sathya Prakash and Surmukhi. What makes the track more enhanced is the mellifluous instrumental part that travels throughout along with the vocalisms.

Singers: Sharath

Usually, such songs would be offered by Ilayaraja towards the ace singers like Yesudas, but he clearly understands the need of situation and brings in some proficient singers from the contemporary league. The song has stunning moments that comes by the second minute, which is really incredible in all aspects of both musical and intonating vistas.

Singers: MM Manasi and Prasanna

MM Manasi with Ilayaraja’s musical score – Something more unusual and beyond our imaginations… She has been involved in some peppy numbers composed by young musicians and her collaboration with Maestro is more surprising and of course she makes an impressive rendition and Prasanna is on pars with her.

Thaara Thappattai – Instrumental track

It’s an ultimate treat for the ones who had been waiting to get out and shake their legs on floors in theatres. Watch out for this song during the screening, the entire theatre would pop up for the celebration of dance.

Arrambam Aavudhu
Singers: Ilayaraja and Ananthu

It’s a ballad song and Ilayaraja is unbeatable when it comes to such genres, Maestro is the top of all order and this time he comes up with his rendition along with Ananthu. The song is sure to have the intensity as we watch it in accordance to screenplay and the placement of situation.

Arrambam Aavudhu
Singers: Ilayaraja and Ananthu.

What else do you need, when the legend himself is on the track? It’s a middling composition though; it brings more enhancements through the voices. Again, the visuals should bring forth some intensity to the track over the visuals. It’s almost like a ballad, which could get more intensity with the onscreen performance and visuals indeed.

Overall, Thaara Thappattai is a collage of some brilliant music by Ilayaraja and few tracks will gain the eminence through the visuals and treatment of visuals.

Verdict: Masterpiece written in most of the parts.

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