Thakka Thakka Movie Review

Thakka Thakka

Vikranth, known to be a decent performer on screen and excellent performer on ground (you may recall his memorable shows during celebrity cricket), aims to make a comeback with ‘Thaaka Thaaka‘.

The film, directed by his elder brother Sanjeev, speaks about an orphaned child who grows up to become an angry man. It starts on a riveting note, takes momentum slowly and ends on a routine track.

Sanjeev has conceived a potent knot. But the way he has executed it is avarage and familiar, making the movie one more to the list of usual entertainers.

But Vikranth has improved a lot in acting, except his body language which need little more tuning. Another hero of the movie is Sujit Sarang’s impeccable cinematography, as the visuals speak a lot.

Sathya (Vikranth), at a very young age, sees his own mother getting murdered by a pimp (Arul Doss). He grows up as a fearless guy and Karthik is his trusted aide.

One day, Karthik’s girlfriend (Abhinaya) gets kidnapped. Sathya starts his mission to rescue her, and in the process, he also meets his mother’s murderer.

Abhinaya, Arul Doss and Bose Venkat among others have played their respective roles well, while songs by Jakes Bejoy are average. But his background score is good. There are Vishal, Arya and Vishnu Vishal in a song.

To sum it up, ‘Thaaaka Thaaka’ was aimed as a stylish action-revenge thriller, but ends up as an average fare. But it has some high moments which are laudable.

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