Thanga Magan Movie Review

Thanga Magan

Movie : Thanga Magan

Directed by : Velraj

Produced by : Dhanush, G. N. Anbu Chezhiyan

Written by : Velraj

Starring : Dhanush,Samantha,Amy Jackson

Music by : Anirudh Ravichander

Cinematography : A. Kumaran

Edited by : M. V. Rajesh Kumar

Production company : Wunderbar Films, Gopuram Films

Distributed by : Sri Green Productions

Release date : December 18, 2015

When Dhanush-Velraj teamed up for VIP, they had miniscule prominence for emotional episodes, which in turn became the most intriguing part of its success. It looks like; the impactful success should have prompted them to make a full fledged emotional drama. Perhaps, ‘Thanga Magan’ comes into this genre of family drama, where the characters are very well defined by the prowess performance of actors.

Tamizh (Dhanush) is seen as a happy go lucky youngster with nice parents to take care off (KS Ravikumar and Radhika Sarathkumar). His close friend (Ethir Neechal Satish) and cousin Aravind mean everything to him and then comes his first love (Amy Jackson). The life proceeds towards various junctures laced with sadness, happiness, failures and losses lands up Tamizh on a crucial situation – To save his father’s reputation.

Much precisely, an intriguing element in Thanga Magan – It owns emotional backdrops well interwoven with power characterisations. Even the minor role has been very well delineated and the actors have given their best efforts of performance. Dhanush is always at his best when it comes to emotional role and he makes it more evident yet again. But in few places, he could briskly avoid the mass appeal. Yes we do know that he has a huge fan following, but the due respect to the genre of ‘Family Drama’ is such that it doesn’t need of action sequences and punch dialogues. While the film is seen juggling between mass and emotions, it loses a sort of intensity. Of course, it’s ‘Emotions’ that have the realms and preferably, a better suggestion would be to have them avoided turning ‘Thanga Magan’, somewhere closer to the zone of ‘Aaril Irundhu Arabadhu Varai’.

Samantha emotes well with a complete homely role and maybe, her voice is the slightest drawback, it’s natural though. Amy Jackson looks cute and her performance is commendable. The director has managed to offer substantial roles to both these heroines as they appear throughout the movie. KS Ravikumar is the power house of this film with Radhika Sarathkumar is speechlessly awesome. Satish brings forth some lively moments with Dhanush. Jayaprakash is just okay. MS Bhaskar is wasted. The one playing the negative role could have been better.

Few dialogues in the film are really worthy of appreciations. The cuteness is very well pictured when Dhanush buys beer for Amy and Samantha pulling his legs when he prepares best space for Amy after marriage… These sequences are very well crafted.

Musical score by Anirudh is average as the background score turns out to be mediocre and couple of songs is good. Cinematography deserves special mention for the shots are composed with natural lighting.

On the whole, Thanga Magan will draw family audiences into the theatres and could have good reach with word of mouth publicity.

Verdict: Strong emotional base with some mass diversions. 

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