Thani Oruvan Movie Review

Thani Oruvan

Movie : Thani Oruvan
Directed by : M. Raja
Produced by : AGS Entertainment
Written by : M. Raja, Subha
Starring : Jayam Ravi, Nayanthara, Arvind Swamy
Music by : Hip hop Tamizha
Cinematography : Ramji
Edited by : Gopikrishna.V
Production company : AGS Entertainment
Distributed by : Sun Pictures
Release dates : 28 August 2015
Country : India
Language : Tamil

After a long hiatus, Jayam Ravi has been striking efficiently with back to back hits. Of course, three releases in a span of two months is something nearly to a miracle in Tamil cinema, where an actor has made up his mind to amuse the audiences with different genres, themes and roles. We extend our appreciations to Jayam Ravi for these earnest decisions.

The tale of a good and honest cop fighting against an evildoer and do you think is something new to Tamil cinema. It’s one of the most fundamental elements of story in Indian film scenario. But what makes it precisely different from the ones we are talking about is unique style of crafting the tale and keeping the audiences engaged with some fresh and appealing scenes. The second appreciation goes to Jayam Raja who has been continuously remaking Telugu movies. Giving a break, he comes up with Thani Oruvan, which indeed is a fresh script that has some racy moments without any hassles.

One more thing that appealingly convinces the audiences is the ensemble star-cast, which doesn’t merely look like a Telugu commercial pot boiler, where there are many actors appearing on the screen for namesake, but yet don’t find a substantial scope. Over here, he has made sure that each and every one in every frame has something more meaningful to deliver.

An honest sincere cop by nature Jayam Ravi and his bunch of friends are tested by the turmoil and upheavals caused by the society’s most happening icon (played by Aravind Swamy). What actually pulls them together putting in a ring of combat is something you’ll have to watch it over the screens. Instead of choosing a stereotypical pattern that goes with just hand on hand combat, where the hero bashes down 20 roughnecks at the same time and finally has his turn of beating the baddie black and blue, the director has managed to balance it with brainy moves.  The intelligent moves made by Jayam Ravi and Aravind Swamy have been very well etched with brilliance. Had the director completely focussed only on this aspect by cutting down unwanted elements, the film would have been more engrossing. But he slightly fails to maintain the momentum because of involving some unwanted commercial elements like romance and comedy, which doesn’t befit accordingly.

Jayam Ravi has always showcased an immense performance in his movies, especially with the ones that are so much emotionally punching. Here, he makes sure of utilising every frame, but we find when compared to his movies like Aadhi Bhagavan and Nimirndhu Nil, it is comparatively little lesser. Nayantara on the other hand has been projected with a difference and she manages to carry her portions well, but yes, she can perform more than this. Aravind Swamy turns the spotlights towards him eclipsing the others in the cast. His performance is vivifying though little unconventional to see him a baddie. The last few minutes of this film brings an impactful performance from this genius. Ganesh Venkatraman is simple at his best. Others in the cast deliver what has been offered to him.

Cinematography by Ramji is top-notch and his visuals are the greatest strength in the technical department. Hip Hop Tamizha manages to deliver at least one hit number in an album, but he has to improvise a lot with his background score.

Director Raja keeps the duration too lengthy around 160 minutes and if it was somewhere around 120-130, this would be a genius thriller that would outperform some of the best films in the recent times.

Although there are some minuses in the film, the gripping moments of brainy confrontations among the characters and the good performance of Jayam Ravi and Aravind Swamy stands out to be a source of attraction in keeping us engaged.

Verdict: Unconventionally good, but could have been shorter

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