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Tharai Thappattai

Bala is definitely a genius filmmaker and criticizing his films could perhaps land the analysts into a zone of ‘Not matured enough to mark verdicts’. But to make a precise mark, the film Thaara Thappattai lacks a proper storyline and doesn’t hold us intact anywhere. The filmmaker usually gives a depth exploration of whatever he handles in concept, but this time, things go vague and directionless by the first few minutes of this film. It all starts with a promising note, where we find the documentary filmmakers capturing the best folk arts group performance. That’s a fantabulous dimension, where we find Varalaxmi boozing up before performance and giving the best spell out there. The scenarios persist with good dimension, but lose the way out by the middle of this film. It’s so disappointing to see, the story losing the impact and brilliant performances of actors going in vain.

Say for instances, the sequences we find about the dancers in Andaman Island is remarkable and especially not to miss the spellbinding performance of Varalaxmi Sarathkumar. Yes, as she says in the trailer, ‘Naan Hero, Mama Heroine’ with a hilarious touch, she proves to be the main protagonist in this film, where she spells the best brownie points and Sasikumar not getting much to perform until the climax, where he apes the usual style of protagonists in Bala movie. Studio 9 producer Sasikumar deliberately makes an impressive performance towards the show and he is simply casual in terrorizing with his acting.

Ilayaraja offers the best support to this film, where his background score is prodigious and beyond his usual paradigms. His orchestral works in the background score is matchless and he yet again proves his wizardry in 1000th film.

Getting on with the narrative analysis, the screenplay goes feeble, but there is no connectivity between one scene to the other. There is so much discontinuity, where Bala blindly throws up lot of harsh sounds through slaps, beatings and combat. It looks like Bala had felt that he could grab the audiences’ attention by these tactics.

Overall, Thaara Thappattai belongs to Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, where she can easily walk away with lots of awards, but when it comes to Bala, it’s a mere disappointment as the film doesn’t completely deal with the essence of Thaara Thappattai folk art. What is supposed to be a musical genre, fails to survive because of poor screenplay and unbearable violence.

Verdict: Powerful performance but heavy loaded with gory sequence

Rating: 3/5

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