Thoongaavanam aka Thoongavanam Movie Review

Thoongaavanam aka Thoongavanam

Movie : Thoongaavanam
Directed by : Rajesh M Selva
Produced by : S. Chandrahasan
Written by : Roshinthan Selvamani Nagarajan
Based on : Sleepless Night by Frederic Jardin
Starring : Kamal Hassan, Trisha, Prakash Raj, Kishore, Asha Sarath
Music by : Mohamaad Ghibran
Cinematography : Sanu Varughese
Edited by : Vijay Shankar
Production company : Raaj Kamal Films International
Running time : 98 minutes
Country : India
Language : Tamil, Telugu

Kamal Haasan has always been someone who has been constantly sticking to the unparalleled lines of cinemas. Be it an offbeat movie or something more to deal with exceptional genres, he makes sure of encompassing something more with his unique traits. Based on the famous French film ‘Sleepless Night’, the film is an edge-seated thriller that happens over a night time inside a Pub.

The story starts with Kamal Haasan and Yugi Sethu, cops at Narcotic Control Bureau shooting down couple of drug peddlers. Immediately, Kamal Haasan gets hooked up with an unimaginable situation, where the Drug Lord (Prakash Raj) kidnaps his son and demands him to give back the snatched drugs. Meanwhile Kishore and Trisha from investigation team follow up Kamal Haasan to the pub and rest is a thrilling edge-seated drama happening at full pace.

The makers have openly accepted the fact that the film is a remake of French movie ‘Sleepless Night’ and the screenplay by Kamal Haasan happens to be the strongest point of attraction here. The film’s screenplay and running length are crisp and more matured. 10 minutes into the movie and we are taken straight into the plot, where the actual seriousness commences. The strong characterisations and wonderful performance by the actors make it more convincing. The first half has a fast-paced momentum and after intermission, there are some sluggish moments. Nevertheless, towards the climax, the pace is back to the right level and then it gets a perfect ending.

Kamal Haasan doesn’t need an analysis to be marked upon his performance. He is a genius and his performance is always ne plus ultra. Trisha has attempted something different completely in contrast to her previous movies. Her performance is brilliant. Prakash Raj expresses his astounding spell yet again with his slang and mannerisms. Sampath is extraordinary and Kishore is neat and apt for the role of what he has done. Although, the film is an edge-seated thriller, it holds substantial prominence for emotions and some humour as well.

Director Rajesh has made a commendable debut with this film and his detailing is exceedingly exceptional. The background score by Ghibran becomes one of the highlighting traits and the promo song we hear during the final credits is just awesome.

On the whole, Thoonga Vanam is a film that brings together some of the most prominent power houses of Tamil film industry and it is something really surpassing over the usual paradigms of Tamil cinema.

Verdict: Brilliantly crafted thriller


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