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Uttama Villain

When viewing a Kamal Haasan or just listening to his songs, we tend to experience and learn lots of new things. Well, with Uttama Villain, scenarios are same and splendid. The album might not be a Chartbuster with commercial or melodious hits, but has something fresh and different that Tamil cinema hasn’t witnessed before. We bring you exclusive music review on Uttama Villain and have a glimpse of our vivid analysis here.

Love’aa Love’aa

Vocals: Kamal Haasan, Sharanya Gopinath, Anitha, Nivas

Lyrics: Viveka

Kamal Haasan fans usually don’t expect such tracks from this genius actor who always tries to explore something different in his albums and lets us experience the same. But sometimes with the commercial aspects in mind, he would have a Kuthu number as with ‘Suriya-Trisha’ track in Manmadhan Ambu. Similarly this track looks like nowhere close to the film, but has been compulsively added up and the rendition of singers including Kamal Haasan remains obscure. But somewhere, it would easily grab the attention in theatres for the dance steps that he is trying up in one of the interludes.


Kaadhalam Kadavul Mun

Vocals: Padmalatha

Lyrics: Kamal Haasan

Before you stop thinking why Kamal Haasan had to come up with commercial panoramas, you have the musical wizardry taking us into his world of interesting elements and thanks to Ghibran for conceiving the best elements that Kamal Haasan had envisaged. The elegant vocalism by Padmalatha is colossal throughout the song and the usage of instrumentals, especially harp makes it more appealing. The choreography on Pooja Kumar would be another highlighting attribute in this song.


Uttaman Introduction (Villuppattu)

Vocals: Subbu Arumugam, Kamal Haasan

Lyrics: Subbu Arumugam

 Usually, this genre of music gains its prominence over the time when watched the screens. The situations were similar to Anbe Sivam as most of the songs had such aspects. Villu Paattu here refers to the play that involves the introduction of Uttaman. The intonating style by Subbu Arumugam is more prodigious in places and Kamal Haasan has his own domination in his parts with a greater magnitude.



Vocals: Kamal Haasan

Additional vocals: Yazin Nizar, Ranjith Iyappan and Ghibran

Lyrics: Kamal Haasan

Music directors composing for Kamal Haasan always have a problem, although they get to explore the best levels of music. Yes, with his rendition in voices, the instrumental parts go diminished even when scored with the best attempts. But Ghibran manages to steal the show during the interludes and preludes with soft instruments. Of course, the additional voices have the best spell made it prevalent throughout the sequences they get. If you’re looking up why there isn’t anything mentioned about Kamal Haasan, it is obvious that his presence is more than enough than what he is crooning.


Iraniyan Naadagam

Vocals: Kamal Haasan, Rukmini Ashok Kumar

Performed by Sofia Symphony Orchestra

Lyrics: Kamal Haasan

A major portion of this album is dominated by play based tracks and this cannot be defined and reviewed. It is based on the play and could be done with the visuals. But again, the Kamal Haasan magic is very much adherent to the theme of this film. The orchestral troupe and the instrumentalists establish their crème de la crème works here to a brilliant extent.


Mutharasan Kadhai

Performed by Sofia Symphony

Narrated by Kamal Haasan

Vocals: Yazin Nizar, Ranjith, Iyappan , Padmalatha

Lyrics: Kamal Haasan

 The highlighting trait about this track is the musical components including the vocalists taking the song across different levels of emotions touching various scales and octaves. Although, we could see the main essence through the visuals, the song will touch different levels post-the release.


Uttaman Kadhai

Performed by Sofia Symphony Orchestra

Narrated by Kamal Haasan

Vocals: MS Bhaskar, Yazin Nizar, Ranjith, Iyappan

Lyrics: Kamal Haasan

 It’s been a very long time, we had seen a ballad based song and Kamal Haasan-Ghibran combination brings forth an extraordinary work along with the Sofia Symphony Orchestra fervently with the narration of the genius Kamal. The vocals by MS Bhaskar, Yazin Nizar, Ranjith and Iyappan are uniquely encompassing the track.


Uttama Villain Theme music

We are quite familiar with this track ever since the first look was unveiled and now when we get to hear the complete track, it adds more sensational essence to our senses. As soon as the Kamal Haasan fans hear this number, they would go high on invigorations in theatres and this doubtless verdict.



There is something more specific about this bunch of tracks. Usually, the makers don’t present the signature background music of all situations along with the full album, but Sony Music has tried something different and has now bestowed the listeners with it. So before you watch the film, when hearing these tracks along with the prominence of title, you would precisely get involved with the characters and situations while viewing them on the screens.

Guru  & Shishya  

Father    & Daughter  

Uttaman & Karpagavalli  

Father & son  

Letter from and to Yamini  

Dr. Aparna  

Following these instrumental tracks, the album ends with the three karaoke versions that include Kadhalam Kadavul Mun, Saagavaram and Iraniyan Naadagam.

To wind up with the final verdict, Kamal Haasan works are always beyond the criticisms and he always let us experience something different new as mentioned by the opening portions of this review. The musical journey of Ghibran hits the milestone and the life changes for him from here.


Verdict: Remarkably brilliant and explorations of new genre impress us.

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