Vaalu Movie Review


Directed by : Vijay Chander
Written by : Vimalan
Screenplay by : Vijay Chander
Starring : Silambarasan, Hansika Motwani, Santhanam, VTV Ganesh
Music by : Thaman
Cinematography : Shakthi
Edited by : T. S. Suresh
Production company : NIC Arts
Distributed by : Chimbu Cine Arts (Tamilnadu), Ayngaran International (Worldwide)
Release dates : 14 August 2015
Running time : 155 minutes

3 years was perhaps a long hiatus that kept STR fans so much disappointed and they desperately wanted a release of their star. This indeed had created more hype for his comeback film ‘Vaalu’ directed by debutant Vijay Chander and produced by Nic Arts. First and foremost, there are certain things that has to be clarified before getting to watch this film or reviewing. The film was bound to unexpected hyper promotions scenario due to various reasons that we have been witnessing in the past few weeks. But while watching this film, it indirectly creates an assumption of elevating the expectation bars and suddenly dropping it downside. This is the problem with those who don’t feel the film is worth watching up for.

Vaalu is a romantic comedy that is predictable in parts and the makers are clear with their motto. A complete entertainer for all STR fans and henceforth analyzing this film with more score points isn’t so much worth it.

Silambarasan as known to everyone is an entertainer and he has completely done what will make his fans so much excited. Apparently this should have been evident while watching the film in theatres that keeps everyone, especially STR fans enthralled for the first 20 minutes. Guess what? For the ones outside STR fan zone or common audiences, they might keep waiting for something to happen, in other words, a proper story to arrive soon, which doesn’t happen.

In fact the film doesn’t have a substantial plot as well. It’s a simple romantic comedy entertainer that involves a devil may care ‘Vaalu’ boy well pampered by his parents and loveable sister. He isn’t looking forward to join a job and is seen all the time shooting breeze with beer and cigarettes with his friends (Santhanam and VTV Ganesh). This is when he falls in love at first sight with Hansika Motwani. Unexpectedly, she happens to have been already arranged by her father to marry the cousin boy (newcomer Aditya), who is a loan shark with ethical values. What unfolds next has been narrated in a way that will entertain Simbhu fans.

As mentioned earlier, the film doesn’t have anything special to offer in terms of story or narration. You go easily predicting what’s gonna happen next. When it comes to performance, STR has undergone some change, where he maintains a low tone even while uttering punch dialogues, which makes him more loveable on the screens. You can precisely spot the change in his dancing skills as well, where he imitates himself in Manmadhan style and just see how he has changed his dancing pattern. In the same way, his mannerisms and dialogue deliveries have been slightly enhanced than his previous movies. Hansika Motwani in contrast has nothing special to mention about. Santhanam’s comedy lines and his episodes with Silambarasan and VTV Ganesh are good and rib-tickling. Aadukalam Narain plays his role very well and his emotional touch of father sentiments keeps winning appreciations in theatres. Newcomer Aditya appearing as baddie is commendable with his episodes.

Musically, the background score is not up to the mark and Thaman does favour for STR fans in couple of places. The music director can attempt something more efficient stepping out of ‘Telugu Masala’ Zone.

On the flip side, the film doesn’t carry a proper story even till the end. It’s a hackneyed story that doesn’t have anything surprising or exciting.

All that you can say is ‘Vaalu’ attempts to satisfy and make the STR fans invigorated who missed him a lot for three years.

Verdict: Entertainment and celebrations for STR fans

Rating: 2.5/5

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