Valiyavan Movie Review


Cast & Crew
Starcast: Jai, Andrea Jeremiah
Director: M.Saravanan
Cinematography: Dinesh Krishnan
Editing: Subarak
Composer: D.Imman
Singer: KG Ranjith
Lyricist: Na Muthukumar
Producer: K.N.Sampath
Banner: SK Studios
Label: Think Music

Valiyavan is an Tamil movie featuring Jai and Andrea Jeremiah in the lead roles. It is written and directed by M. Saravanan.

When a filmmaker like Saravanan after making a film like ‘Engeyum Eppodhum’ announces his next project, it would gradually evoke everyone’s interest. So was the situation with ‘Ivan Vera Maathiri’. But with the film touching a mediocre level on the radar, the third outing ‘Valiyavan’ had gradually had a balanced meter. With Jai and Andrea Jeremiah playing the lead roles, the film also features Aaron, Azhagam Perumal and Bala Saravanan in important characters.

Let us check out how far director Saravanan and his combination with Jai after the grand success of Engeyum Eppodhum impress us.

The film has an onionskin plot, where Vinod (Jai) after astonished over a beautiful girl (Andrea Jeremiah) voluntarily proposing him. Sooner, she disappears and everyday in the subway, the same place, where they met becomes the favourite hub of Vinod to search for her. Finally, when they meet up and Vinoth reverts his love message, she chuckles up and says, “It’s all for fun and tit for tat’ for a funny thing that Jai had done to her in ‘Hangover’ style. But when he seriously starts following and make her fall in love, his yet to be girlfriend poses a challenge to smash down the hero of boxer (Aaron) and then win her heart.

The story has such a very simple plot that it might not impress you when heard through someone who have watched it. This happens with many films, where the basic story remains so simple, but sometimes, the strong narrative aspects of the film would enhance the status. Unfortunately, the narrative style of Saravanan is so feeble that you often get restless. For the complete 2 hours plus, the film doesn’t give you relief anywhere, except the rarest refreshing points of comedy. For the complete first half, the film, you are sickened with a very boring screenplay of Jai running behind Andrea. Except the portions, where ‘Hangover’ flick drama of Jai and his encounters with A beggar lip kiss, a stray dog gift and an African unceasingly swearing at him in filthy language. Apart from these encounters, rest remains to be an ordinary one. When we predict something could be more interesting during the second half of this film, there is again a bunch of disappointing drama until the last 30 minutes. The secrets and suspense are broken and we are taken the public stage of hero and the baddie locking horns. Nothing impressive!!!

Jai remains too ordinary in his performance and doesn’t give at least a decent reaction. Andrea Jeremiah is showcased with glamorous appeal and if you’re looking up for her performance analysis, we’re sorry. Azhagam Perumal is okay. Bala Saravanan tries to make us laugh with his usual style. Aaron, the baddie is stunningly appealing in looks and could have been very well utilized.

Musical score by D Imman is not appealing with even a single track remaining below average. Cinematography is very well done and choreography of songs and stunts are the biggest plus.

Director Saravanan seems to have lost his grip over narration and the film turns out to be a worthless watch. Sparring the six pack of Jai and last 20 minutes of the film, there is nothing impressive to catch up for this flick.

Verdict: An unimpressive pot boiler

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