Vandha Mala Movie Review

Vandha Mala

‘Thirudu, Poi Sollu, Desathi Kaapathu’. This tagline of ‘Vandha Mala‘, coupled with its innovative promotions, created enough curiosity about the film. Does the end-product live up to expectations? Let’s check out.

Four youngsters who spend all their time doing nothing but drinking booze. There is a girl in their lives. They encounter a trouble and are forced to help a woman. Did they take up the challenge or not form the crux.

Directed by Igore, who made ‘Kalaba Kadhalan‘, ‘Vandha Mala’ is a loud and a messy affair.

Though the artistes predominantly newcomers have tried to give their best, a weak screenplay mars the show.

Produced by Jayaradhakrishnan and Navakumaran, the movie revolves around four youngsters, Tamil, Udhayaraj, Hitler and Prasad. For them everything under the sun is fun.

They snatch gold chains and spend a jolly life. There is Sri Priyanka who falls for Udhayaraj. There are enough double meaning dialogues in the first half.

These boys who have nothing to hold on in their lives are entrusted with a huge responsibility. Did they accomplish the task entrusted to them or not forms the climax.

Udhayaraj does his best, while the rest of the boys are okay. Mahanadhi Shankar and Vietnam Veedu Sundaram are also in the cast. However Sri Pyanka steals the show with a casual performance.

Music by Sam D Raj and a couple of songs sound good. The other credits are A L Ramesh (editing) and Vijayakumar Thondaiman (art director) and Knife Naren (stunts).

Igore has tried to come out with a local film and succeeds in parts.

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