Kuttram Kadithal – Official Trailer

Kuttram Kadithal (The Punishment)
Written & Directed by Bramma.G
Produced by J Sathish Kumar & Christy Siluvappan
Cast: Radhika Prasidhha, Ajay, Sai Rajkumar, Pavel Navageethan
DOP: S. Manikandan
Editor: CS Prem
Music: Shankar Rangarajan

Kuttram Kadithal – The Punishment, a drama genre is a story of 24 hours of a young female teacher who married against the wish of her family, tries to start a new life with the beloved engineer. The inter-religion wedding had a less support, though the issue turns to be something else. The issue starts from a person whom she never met in her life. In few hours she is chased by the police, media and a bunch of social activists becoming among the most wanted in the state overnight! So what is the issue? Who created it? Is it the inter-religious context? Does turn up to the media? What happens to her husband? An unforgettable day in a newly married couple’s life in the movie

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